Wicklow Animal Welfare is an animal rescue based in Wicklow, Ireland. We are registered with the Irish Charities Regulator (Registered Charity Number 20068943).

WAW was founded by Fiona Gammell, who manages all rescue and rehabilitation. Adoptions and fostering are managed by a team of volunteers.

All donations made to WAW directly fund our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals.

I’ve sent you messages about multiple dogs – why is it taking so long to get one?

We do our best to rehome each dog to the most suitable home for them. We appreciate that it can be frustrating to wait for a dog when you have your heart set on a new family member, but please keep in mind that a dog is a 10-15 year commitment that shouldn’t be rushed into. Also, please note that we get many inquiries for our dogs – make sure you have filled out our Adoption Form in order to be considered for rehoming.

I’m looking for a hypoallergenic dog – do you have any?

Short answer: no. Long answer: no dog is guaranteed to not cause allergies – in fact, “hypoallergenic dogs” are a marketing idea, not a scientific one. Each dog – and allergy sufferer – is unique: the only way to know if a dog is hypoallergenic for you or your loved one is to spend time with them.

Do you have any labradoodles/cavapoos/pugs available?

All available dogs are featured on our Instagram page. Many of our dogs have been used to breed the “designer” puppies that you see advertised for sale. Once the parents are of no use to the breeder, they are often dumped with a rescue (if they are lucky). If your heart is set on a particular breed, please consider adopting a rescued parent. WAW rehomes many abandoned parents and these are shared to our Instagram page.

Can you put my name down on a waiting list?

No. We do not operate a waiting list as we cannot predict what type/how many dogs will enter our care.

How do I adopt a dog from WAW?

Follow our Instagram page to see available dogs. When you see a suitable dog, drop us an Instagram message and fill out our Adoption Form.

How many employees does WAW have?

Zero! WAW is entirely volunteer-run. Absolutely none of the money raised through donations goes toward paying staff.

How much government funding does WAW receive?

None! WAW receives no government funding and is entirely dependent on donations.

How do I support WAW?

Thanks for asking! You can support by making a donation through PayPal – we especially appreciate recurring donations, as they allow us to plan ahead.

I have young children – can I adopt a dog?

We do not rehome to households with children under the age of 6.