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Wicklow Animal Welfare is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs, cats, and horses from all over the county and beyond.

Fiona Gammell of WAW has spent nearly 50 years rescuing animals.

Ireland and Irish people love our dogs, spending more money than ever to ensure that the four-legged family members live their best lives.

Despite this, Fiona Gammell of Wicklow Animal Rescue is busier than ever.

“People in rescue are doing so much unrecognised work,” says The Wicklow Animal Welfare founder.

“Sometimes you feel, if we stopped for one day, the impact that would have, it’s like what people say about if nurses stop, how disastrous it would be,” 

This isn’t a new problem. Fiona as a child, was using her pocket money to get her neighbors’ dogs neutered, to prevent unwanted puppies from being born. 

Fiona and WAW are dependent on donations to run the charity. At the rescue, she vaccinates, neuters, treats for mange and fleas while operating a no-kill policy. 

The focus at the shelter is the comfort of the dogs.

“I want their time here to be as pleasant as can be,” says Fiona. “Here is like heaven after what they have been through. 

“They have a dry bed, good food, and they get to run free in the fields twice a day.

“You see it after a few days they start playing like a pup again. Up until that point they have been under so much pressure all their lives.”