Chief’s Story

Chief was a baby when he was discarded like rubbish. Unloved and unwanted.

Luckily WAW were able to rescue Chief and get him to safety. He was so sad at the rescue we immediately dot him to an experienced foster to give him the peace and quiet and love that he needed to start to heal.

His foster family gave him a bath and made him feel warm and cosy.

But he needed time to understand that he really was safe.

Chief got lots of love and reassurance with his foster family. He was only happy when he was snuggled on his foster Mum’s lap, even during he ZOOM calls!

Look beyond the photo you see of a terrified dog in a rescue or pound, it’s not the dog you will see after they thrive in a good loving home. They are all unsure of their future and deserve a second chance.

Chief in his forever home